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    Mesothelioma info: Treatments

    Mesothelioma Treatments Information Mesothelioma Standard Treatments To determine a suitable mesothelioma treatment, cell type, stage of cancer, and primarily affected sites are the important traits to consider. Other treatment options equally depend on where the cancer is localised whether on the chest or has spread to its diaphragm, lymph nodes, or wall as well as […]

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    Mesothelioma: Risk Factors, Cause, Symptoms

    Mesothelioma Risk Factors, Cause, Symptoms & Prevention Mesothelioma Risk Factors and Causes Exposure to asbestos (a cloistering material made up magnesium-silicate mineral fibres) is the main factor that will enhance the chances of contracting this disease. Smoking though not associated with mesothelioma highly increases the chances of developing this disease, especially when exposed to asbestos. […]