Mesothelioma: New Treatments Research

What’s Mesothelioma :

This is a rare, aggressive form of asbestos-related cancer that affects the protective cells underlining the mesothelial tissue or sac in the chest, heart, and abdomen. Here we share with you some mesothelioma treatments research, Keep Reading.

Currently, there is no existing cure for mesothelioma. Tumour surgery is the only treatment that offers hope for curing this asbestos-related disease. This method is often advance in other to carry out a safe surgery because it is very hard to diagnose the mesothelioma.

However, there are treatments that can usually improve the likely course of the medical conditions of mesothelioma patients. Therapies are carried out and often help reduce suffering and pains for many mesothelioma patients. Even in the case where improving their lifespan is not possible.

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Mesothelioma Treatments Research:

Researchers are continuously looking for new ways to treat this disease. This has yielded to extremely promising treatments. In some cases, the lives of people suffering from this sickness are extended by days, months, and/or even years from these experimental mesothelioma treatments. They include;

  • Gene Therapy: A new way to fight cancer is by overwriting or fixing problematic genes. Since cancer is caused by errors in the DNA of cells.
  • Immunotherapy: To enhance the body’s own defenses against cancer, boosting the body immune system is a possible way. (Read More about cancer immunotherapy)
  • Photodynamic Therapy: Through the use of photosensitizing drugs, researchers have come out with a way to kill these cancerous cells.

For chronic and critical conditions, palliative care is an alternate option. The main aim of this care is to relieve the pains and suffering of patients rather than trying to totally eradicate the disease.