Best New York Mesothelioma Attorney

Best New York mesothelioma Attorney

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, filing a mesothelioma claim could help you get the compensation you deserve. Different states may have different mesothelioma laws. Particularly, the statute of limitations could vary widely from state to state. This is why you need a mesothelioma attorney that is familiar with the New York mesothelioma laws. Before we list some of the best New York mesothelioma attorneys, here is a brief background on mesothelioma in New York.

A brief background of mesothelioma in New York

There are many hot-zones of asbestos exposure in New York. If you have lived or worked in New York for a considerable number of years, a mesothelioma diagnosis should not come as a complete surprise. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) shows that about 2500 New York residents died from mesothelioma between 1999 and 2017. This puts the annual mesothelioma death rate for the city at 7.2 people per million.

Environmental control agencies reveal that there are not less than 23 asbestos mines and deposits in the city. Predictably, the industrial areas are the worst hit with the mesothelioma scourge. Cities like Buffalo that are concentrated with manufacturing and construction industries have the highest mesothelioma incidence rates.

The affected industries

Mining industries

The economy of New York once depended heavily on the mining industry. There are naturally occurring asbestos deposits in the state and miners were at a great risk of exposure to asbestos. In addition to this, other minerals such as talc were extensively mined in the 20th Century. Asbestos deposits are commonly found in mined talc and this also posed a risk to the miners and others who worked with the raw material. The extensive mining is thought to be responsible for the highest rate of mesothelioma in the state.


The booming shipbuilding industry in New York also contributed to a high rate of asbestos use in the state. New York boasted many shipyards where ships were assembled and repaired. The ships were used for trading, defense, and recreational purposes. The construction of ships back then required heavy use of asbestos and the workers were at risk of inhalation of the fibers.


New York is one of the most populous parts of the United States, if not the most populous. The city’s construction industry is quite viable and it boasts some of the most magnificent commercial buildings in the world. The construction of these buildings heavily relied on asbestos and the construction workers are at great risk of developing mesothelioma. The unfortunate tragedy that was the collapse of the world trade center released unimaginable amounts of asbestos and other dangerous substances into the air. A high incidence of respiratory disorders is already associated with this tragedy and it appears citizens have a genuine reason to fear the worst. The latency period of mesothelioma could go as high as 40-50 years, so there could be an increased incidence of the disease later on.

The power plants, repair companies, and some other industries are also thought to contribute to the asbestos exposure menace in New York.

The best New York mesothelioma attorney List

Sokolove Law

This New York Mesothelioma attorney is a national law firm and they render their services across the 50 states in the country. They specialize in personal injury claims and are famous for providing immense legal support to their mesothelioma victims. With about 38 years’ experience handling mesothelioma cases, the firm has helped recover over $3 billion dollars in verdicts and claims. They offer free consultations and they offer to go meet victims at their homes if moving around could pose a health hazard. You can’t go wrong if you choose Sokolove as your New York Mesothelioma attorney.

Levy Konigsberg LLP

This firm has been around 30 years and they mesothelioma attorneys have developed an impressive reputation handling mesothelioma cases in New York. The experience coupled with the passion to help mesothelioma victims makes them one of the most trusted firms around. The attorneys at the law firm have a deep understanding of the science and the law behind asbestos and they have helped pursue thousands of claims. The firm isn’t afraid to take the fight to a court if a settlement doesn’t seem forthcoming. They have tried hundreds of asbestos and mesothelioma cases before the jury and they have a pretty impressive winning ratio. Importantly, the firm doesn’t charge any upfront costs for handling mesothelioma cases. The initial consultation is free and the firm is responsible for covering the expenses of building your case. They are indeed one of the best New York mesothelioma attorneys you can work with.

Simmons Hanly Conroy

The firm is not restricted to New York only but they have an impressive track record in New York and other cities in the United States. After the initial consultations, the firm volunteers to meet clients at their homes if the situation warrants. They have represented thousands of clients and according to their website, they have recovered over $5 billion in verdicts and settlements. They have been involved in many big-name settlements and a $4.7 million settlement for a single patient succinctly highlights their prowess. They boast more than 40 attorneys with great experience representing mesothelioma patients and they are always ready to help. These highlights and their track record makes them one of the best New York Mesothelioma attorneys.

Gori Julian and Associates

This is another nationwide mesothelioma law firm which boasts attorneys that are very familiar with New York mesothelioma laws. They also boast an impressive track record and peer recognition certificates. They have represents hundreds of clients over the years and they have successfully won more than $3 billion in verdicts and settlements. The firm works to recover mesothelioma settlements as swiftly as possible while still ensuring victims are adequately compensated. The firm has been representing mesothelioma victims for over 15 years and their track record is pretty impressive for a firm that has only been around for that length of time. The attorneys have great knowledge of the law and science of asbestos exposure and all the staff at the firm are professional and courteous.

Kelley and Ferraro LLP

The firm has been in existence for over 18 years and it has developed a reputation for helping people affected by mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. They offer free consultations and they take over cases on a contingency fee basis. You do not need to pay a dime unless they help you get your compensation. The firm operates all over the country but they have attorneys that are well grounded in New York mesothelioma laws. They have handled hundreds of mesothelioma cases and they have helped recover more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements. Rest assured, you are contacting one of the best New York mesothelioma attorneys if you contact Kelley and Ferraro LLP.